Which High School Courses should be Essential

Life Skills Should Be Required

In the high school curriculum, classes such as Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and English are required for the students to graduate. They prepare students for being able to function in life. But do students truly need to know trigonometry, biology, and about World War 2 to succeed in the world after high school? Not necessarily, but students should know how to cook, do laundry, balance a check book, as well as sew. That is why I believe Life Skills should be a required class for high school students.
After students graduate they tend to go off to college and eventually into their own place. Knowing how to cook is essential for being on your own. Not only knowing how to cook, but also knowing how to use cooking instruments are important. Knowing how to cook will save you money in the end because going out becomes quite expensive. Life Skills not only teaches you how to cook and using cooking instruments, but it also teaches you how to cook healthy.
Besides cooking, laundry is also a must need to know when you’re out on your own. There is an art to doing laundry; you can’t just grab clothes and put them in the washing machine and hope for the best. This is where Life Skills comes in. This class teaches you how to separate clothes, what water temperature goes with what set of clothes, and what can/cannot go into the washer or dryer. Knowing how to wash your clothes properly will not only save you time, but also money. You will save money by doing the laundry yourself, so the clothes won’t wear out prematurely, and you won’t waste gas going to and from the dry cleaners.
Besides the household skills, financial skills are important. Life skills helps you manage your money by helping you understand out checking, savings and retirement (401ks and IRAs) work. Life Skills also helps students understand how a credit card really works, so students will realize it isn’t extra free money. Knowing these are extremely important. Understand the financial skills can head off problems. This is something everyone should learn.
Students who take Life Skills will benefit more than some of the required classes. They may know how World War 2 started, but how will that help the students when they are off on their own. Life is scary when you’re first on your own, so having a class to prepare you for what’s coming up should be a basic requirement for all students completing high school.