Which High School Courses should be Essential

Preparing Lives, Securing Success

Unemployment and debt are two of the nation’s least incremental domestic issues that proceed without an efficacious solution. Although some may argue that the government has the majority of the fault, it is inevitable to see that people also have a demerit. In many cases, consumers foolishly blind themselves from their economic stance and easily poison their bank account with their exaggerated spending. Once a shirt is picked up from one store, some mysterious force compels them to the next to unconsciously pick up two dresses, five pairs of shoes, the latest perfume, and the unforgettable new TV set for that empty space in the living room. The fever for shopping seems endless until a credit card surprisingly becomes maxed out and life sinks into the most profound state of poverty instead of opulence. But of course that only happens to the eighteen-year-old who thinks he/she is mature and can spend money wisely!

The best preliminary manner to mend this issue is to make Independent Living a mandatory course in high school. What better way to forestall an economic breakdown in future generations than to begin educating that same generation while they are still learning history, math, science, technology, and foreign language to better develop their intellectuality for their future? Independent Living would ensure that students learn how to land a job, maintain it, and succeed in it while also balancing a budget.

As premature adults, high school students have not yet initiated a proper discernment of what it means to be independent or the qualities that derive from it; responsibility for bills, accountability for a job, and diplomacy to engage in a healthy social life. Therefore, becoming informed of life styles that will allow one to successfully engross into a working field is compulsory, especially since that time is in the near future. All these diminutive aspects of life that have been overlooked will become unraveled in this particular course of study.

In the process of the course, students will gradually acquire the skills to manufacture an appealing resume, exert him/herself adequately during a job interview, impart appropriate qualities for an employment, sustain the status in that employment (dealing with the controversies that may befall), and enjoy life around a structured budget-even how to preclude the scams that induce those exaggerated expenditures and frittering away money. A sense of maturity will be evolved; learning how to think, work, spend and save money, and live.

After graduation comes college, and for some comes the work force immediately. Being well prepared for the oblivious is expecting the unexpected. Giving the new uprising generation the education necessary to survive is completing the job for the old generation since they are creating pathways for success. The course Independent Living can foreshadow future trends and percentiles of unemployment rates because it is a factor that could potentially lower those predicaments. By preparing our youth we are establishing better communities, societies, and lives.