Which High School Courses should be Mandatory

Many parents believe that English, math, sciences and history courses should me mandated in highschool. Others believe that courses that can teach students more, such as: debating, communication and home education should be mandated because it teaches the student how to relate and talk to other people, and at the same time how to get their points across. These are some of the few classes that parents want their children to take because they are not part of the regular curriculum but a choice for the student.

Students now have more choices when it comes to the classes that they have to take, and those that they can choose to take if they want. These choices can not only help them in the future in college but in their every day lives. The High school courses that should be mandatory are those which students can learn something more than the every day lessons. Courses such as higher level of math classes, debate, and even geography are optional now, but have a lot of useful information for students to learn about.

Besides these courses there are others which students just pass by, but not learn any thing from. Classes such as history or home economy can teach any student the basic units whcih they can use to survive and also learn about their history. These classes should be mandatory because students should not just learn the basic lessons in school anymore, they should be more open to lessons and learned more, so that they can experience more in high school. It is hard to believe but the students who step out of their “regular” school schedule and take a few extra classes, do better in tests and learning equivalency classes than those who do not. This is mainly because the students learn more about other subjects and this helps them when they are tested in high school.

Education is hard but there are a lot of advantages to having a lot of information in school. One of the many, is that more students are well educated and they have more options open for them outside of school. While these classes are not mandatory in every school, the few that are making them part of the regular school curriculum, are often seeing more changes in their students maturity levels and education as well. These are just a few of the classes that a student can benefit a lot from in the long run.