Which High School Courses should be Required of everyone

I would like to identify three high school courses required of everyone.

1. Handling money.

Money opens doors in the USA, money is the difference between the hobo on the street and the one with the nice house.  Money is required to have a family, to have a home, to run a car, and to eat.  With no money you will fail in modern day USA.

Young people need to know how to handle money.  They need to know how to save money, and to infest money for their pensions.  By teaching young people about money they will be less of a burden on society through their own ignorance.  Handling money includes how to pay the bills, how to fill in the tax return, about credit ratings, and about mortgages and loans. 

One major failing of young people is they get into debt quickly, a problem that will stay with them the rest of their lives, and one that could ruin the USA if too many of its citizens become reckless and so far in debt that it becomes a bad debt.

2. Personal relationships.

Family breakdown in the USA is partly due to poor personal relationship skills.  Too often the lack of relationship skills causes the young person to become frustrated and become violent.  The internet is a major hot spot for problems as people fail to treat the other with respect.

Employment, business and community all require a certain amount of personal relationship skills.  Those people with poor relationship skills are more likely to fail in employment and marriage, and this also has a major impact on the community and the USA.

3. Thinking skills.

As an employer I have personal experience of well qualified young people who are unable to think for themselves.  The high schools are good at producing people that can pass exams, but in the real world these students are unable to think outside of the book. 

Creativity is one aspect of thinking that is destroyed in the high school environment, and this type of thinking will determine who is the winner and the loser in the corporate environment.  The USA to stay competitive against the likes of China need thinkers.

In the modern world there are many challenges and choices to be made, and the ability to think, to determine the right choice in a complex maze requires thinking skills.