Why a Sense of Humor is Key to Surviving as a Teacher

A teacher with a sense of humor has the ability to connect with students in ways that allows him or her to present memorable lessons. A teacher with a sense of humor sends an indirect message to students that he or she is enthusiastic about teaching; therefore, it becomes a positive force in the field of learning. Students remember a learning objective when the process of learning the curriculum is a pleasurable experience for them. As long at it is not over used, or used inappropriately, a sense of humor is one of the most valuable resources a teacher can use in the classroom because it makes learning fun.

A light-hearted atmosphere is often a good place for learning, especially for young people. Teachers with a sense of humor allow students to see the fun-loving side of them that is not found in the curriculum or lesson plans. Humor is a spontaneous event that is directly linked to the personality of the person who has it. It is meant to lighten the heart, create smiles, and go along with an overall sense of happiness. It is part of a teacher’s charm that is attached to his character. It is one of those important characteristics that students remember about a teacher. When an admirable teacher knows how to make learning fun, students are more likely to remember learning it. A fun learning experience is a memorable one.

Although a sense of humor in the classroom is a good thing, too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. Because of this, having a sense of humor should never be a direct goal of the teacher. It should be used sparingly and spontaneously to avoid the appearance of it being forced. It is also a good idea to sideline the use of sarcasm. Sarcasm draws the line between what is humorous and what is not, and while some people find sarcasm funny, others are quite offended by it. In a room full of students, there is a good chances the use of sarcasm will upset someone, so it is best to avoid it altogether. The last thing a teacher should do is offend anyone, especially in front of a group of peers. Humiliation has no place in education, and can ruin the reputation of a teacher.

When it comes to humor, keep it light, and keep it fun. Never force a sense of humor. If you enjoy teaching, it will come naturally to you. Teachers who believe learning should be fun usually have the best sense of humor. These teachers are generally the ones who are best remembered by their students.