Why a Sense of Humor is Key to Surviving as a Teacher

You Can Survive Teaching if you have a Sense of Humor

Teaching seems like such a serious position, but a little humor can go a long way to soften the seriousness of teaching. Many things in life if you look at them a little more objectively are humorous. Look at all the shows and movies that depict the humorous side of teaching and the humorous side of life.

If you have lost your humor or have not as yet developed it might be a good idea to either try to get it back or develop it.

You can do this by watching a few humorous movies.

To help you get your humor back here is a list of good movies to watch:

1) Senior Trip. This is an excellent humorous movie about school life and students. It depicts the principal in plenty of hot water and a bunch of students who like getting in all kinds of trouble but are really good kids.

2) Holy Man. This is not a movie about school but shows how different people can have totally different attitudes about life in general. It stars Eddy Murphy.

3) O Brother Where Art Thou. This is a good movie about diversity and attitudes and is based on the Odyssey. It stars four great actors – George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, and John Goodman. Nothing about school in this movie either except maybe the school of life. Directed by the Coen Brothers.

4) I.Q. This is a movie about Einstein’s niece and Einstein. It is a little funny and a little serious. It stars Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins, and Walter Matthau. Walter Matthau gives a great performance of Einstein.

5) Ladykillers. This is a remake of an older movie that puts it into perspective with modern times. It stars Tom Hanks as a professor (you don’t get to see him in the classroom) who likes reciting Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry. Directed by the Coen Brothers. A good bit of diversity in this movie also.

Don’t forget to watch the old reruns of Happy Days. Another good comedy TV show is Seinfeld.

Read your comic section of the newspaper every Sunday. Sometimes you can get some great humorous tips out of it. I like to clip out the especially poignant ones.

Also a good idea is to inject humor into some of your lessons. Students need a little humor also. Try to find a humorous antidote to go with the serious subject you are teaching.

Above all when incidents happen in the classroom that seem out of place, try to see the humor in the incident rather than getting too serious. Relax a little. You don’t have to be an uptight person all the time.