Why are more Students Cheating

Why are more students cheating in school? They cheat because, while they still hold grades in high regard, they are not motivated quite enough to do any work themselves.

There are always going to be those kids who were taught that grades are first and foremost, and all of their hard studying due to these standards set by the parents leave the children lacking healthy social interaction. It is safe to say that these kids, though they study hard and may be very intelligent, become desperate to climb the social status ladder in high school. I realize that this is a gross generalization, but for the most part, these kids have no issue letting others copy their work in order to gain acceptance.

Then there are the cheaters. These kids are in need of discipline from all authority figures who claim jurisdiction over them. They are growing up and gaining praise from their peers for exploiting the insecurities of other “less popular” teens. These actions deserve no merit, and they are wrong to believe for a second that they are worthy of any praise. The cheaters, through their actions, are more or less stating that their time is more valuable than that of whom they are copying from. The cheaters will spend their time doing other things instead of being responsible and taking care of homework themselves.

Why? They dress cooler, act cooler, and ARE cooler than the responsible kids who hold their own grades in high regard. Since the cheaters are more widely accepted in the eyes of their peers, why shouldn’t they get instant gratification and free answers? Sadly, this is the mindset of the popular teenagers. This mentality is the product of poor moral guidelines set by the authority figures in their lives, and it will not change unless we learn how to properly discipline these actions. Teachers are not doing what is proper in these circumstances. They are not stepping up and catching this developing issue.

If straight up plagiarism in our society is going to be stopped, it needs to be addressed as an issue first. Teachers, watch for this. It happens every day, in just about every classroom. Identify who is guilty of cheating, and punish them accordingly. It will bring our society one step closer to becoming a more honest and moral atmosphere.