Why do Students Write Final Exams

There are many benefits of taking final exams. The final exam is designed to ascertain whether or not the course material was learned over the duration of the semester. A final exam is a culmination of all the hard work and dedication that you put forth into attempting to achieve a credit that will put you one step closer to graduation.

The biggest benefit of taking final exams is to see the progression that you made from the onset of the course until its completion. A final exam is supposed to encompass all material delivered during the course, so that the teacher can accurately gauge the absorption of the curriculum by each and every student.

The ultimate goal of education is to give students knowledge, and teach them how to apply it to their everyday life. A final exam is a worthwhile endeavour to undertake since it tracks the progression that a student made. Final exams should, and typically are, weighted fairly heavily. This is done because it provides a far more accurate reflection of what a student has been able to learn while housed inside the classroom.

Early on in the course, the material should not be heavily graded, since the skills and concepts are just being taught and learned, but it is the mastery of this knowledge over a given time period that is of the most intrigue.

An accurate reflection of learning is to see a trail of academic growth and enlightenment as the semester plodded along. High marks on small assignments scattered throughout the course do little to show an understanding of the material, rather simply a one day achievement.

However, a final exam benefits the teacher because they are able to see that through the traversing of the course content, true learning was achieved. Tasks were mastered, and this is the just reward for a teacher. The salary is what keeps the teacher working, but the true joy of teaching is to take note of the wisdom gleaned by your students. This is why teachers teach.

Another benefit of taking final exams is that they show the student that they have climbed another hill along their journey to academic growth and maturity. A final exam signals not just the end of one set of skills, but entrance into a new set of different skills that will meld together with the old to form new strengths to be carried forth on this most noble academic quest.

Final exams are like small hurdles in that they break education into small, manageable chunks so that the road does not seem too difficult to navigate.

Final exams also indicate a break, a chance to re-focus and gather your composure. In the winter they are a welcomed break from the seasonal depressions suffered by many, and in the late spring they signal fresh starts and a much needed period of rest and convalescence. Final exams serve a purpose, yet this is often overlooked due to heightened stress and anxiety levels.

As your final exams approach, see them not only as challenges, but as opportunities for self-improvement. As you test your mettle against the gauntlet thrown down by the faculty, respond with relentless zeal and gusto. Take the bull by the horns and direct your own fate.