Why Finding Apprenticeships in High School can Aid College Choices

Apprenticeships are kind of like internships. Mainly students intern mainly during their senior year of high school either during the first term or the second term. For example if you want to go into graphic design, you can take an internship at a local graphic design business. From there, one artist can take you under his/her wing allowing you to learn as much as you can from this person. Having a group of artists taking you under their wing is even better because you can learn various methods.

Though I’m using graphic design as an example, this can be applied to just about any field. You want to take up art in college, the people you apprentice under can definitely help you out. They can recommend a bunch of schools at the same time they can arrange college interviews with you. Definitely nothing wrong about that. Along with the college choices, having a few apprenticeships will look good on your school records for the transition to college. An apprenticeship will definitely give a college applicant an edge over the other potential applicants.

You’ll be getting first hand experience under apprenticeships. It can indeed save you a lot of time learning the material in school. Remember, time is the most valuable resource. Apprenticeships can definitely give you a sharp edge over everybody else.

Also an apprentice ship will give a highschool student a feel of what it’s like to work in the career they want. You’ll be getting actual experience. Though it’s not a paid apprenticeship, you’ll be getting valuable experience. If you like what you’re doing, they can help you choose colleges that cater to what field you want to go into. But if you don’t like what you’re doing, it shows what colleges you do not want to pick.

If you want to go into political science, find an internship with any political group, party, etc. During the internship, find someone who will take you in as an apprentice. You want to go into the medical field, find an internship. Real estate, real estate apprenticeship. The list definitely goes on.

Getting an apprenticeship is basically a win/win situation.