Why Girls Hate Gym Classes

There is no reason girls do not like physical education classes. I graduated from high school last year, after completing two long years of mandatory physical education and health class. The procedure was a simple one, you went into the gym and then to the locker room. You needed to change and then line up at your instructors section of the gym. You had about five minutes to do this before the teachers would come around and start yelling “Ladies, leave the room!”

Once class starts you spend roughly an hour doing some asinine activity. Then five minutes before the final bell the teachers would hustle you into the locker room for you to change and leave for your next class. If you were lucky, you had a near by class and you could take a shower, but most girls ended up just toweling themselves off before having to jet off to class.

Just by the description of the class you can already see some problems. In this time crunch world, teachers try to fit in as much activity as they can and this lead to very short periods for dressing and redressing. Considering that many of these girls would spend nearly 45 minutes getting ready in the morning, the idea that only five minutes could restore them to their pre-gym state is ridiculous.

At our school this was an especially huge problem because we lived in South Florida. This meant that 50 minutes of running in 80-90 degree weather was the norm. Running and then not having enough time to take a shower…. not pleasant. Another factor to take into account is when it is ‘that time of the month.’ Teachers (at least at the middle and high schools I went to) had no sympathy for the aches and pains, and giving someone extra time to clean up after gym during this time was not an option. With only three bathroom stalls in the locker room, if you didn’t get in early you really didn’t have a chance to get into the stall.

In addition to these hygienic issues, the gym class had another problem. We were all placed into classes that were co-ed. While this made it easier for the guidance counselors in charge of setting the schedules, it means that you are placing 35 girls and 35 boys along side each other in these activities. This leads to cat calls and sideways glances that make some of the girls uncomfortable, and the shorts and tees that are mandatory for the class put body flaws at a paramount. Girls are insecure about their bodies enough without every imperfection being on display when they run.

The final reason why girls hate physical education classes is simply the activities presented during the class. Most gym classes are organized in such a way that everyone needs to engage in a specific activity during a particular class or number of classes. A majority of the activities that are offered are not really girl friendly sports. Think about it, are football, soccer and basketball really fair when you are playing them with males that are bigger than you?

It is no wonder girls do not like physical education classes. When you give them limited time to change, co-ed classes that showcase flaws, and sports that are no where near user friendly what would you expect them to like?