Why is it Important to Study Math in High School

One of my old high school math teachers used to tell all of her students that in life “math would take us anywhere”. At the time I was not only skeptical but to tell you the truth, I didn’t really care about it very much. As I continued in life and proceeded in my education, I slowly started to see what she meant by that quote. Now I can say that it is very important for students to study math in high school, because math really is a part of the every day life. There is not one day that every person will not have to deal with math in their routine or at work or at all. Unless the person is at home, constantly staring at the television set, they might not deal with math, but there are numbers everywhere and this makes it even more important and necessary for students to study this subject in school. 

There is a lot of emphasis on certain subjects in schools, because now more than ever, children are learning at a faster pace, and universities are testing more subjects with more content in them, and the only way for a student to be prepared in by studying it in high school.  High school is where a student learns the most, or at least tries while they can about any subject that they are assigned. This is the reason why there are so many levels of math, and why so many other subjects have math in them. It is almost impossible to talk about a subject without it having math or something related to it at all. 

Even though math is not the only subject in school for a student to learn, it is one of the subjects that children and young adults will be tested on the most from middle school, all the way to high school. Through this, any person can see the importance of the subject and why so many people want to have a career with the subject. It is not uncommon for schools to also involve or have a club just for math or those who like the subject. 

Math is a part of the everyday life, whether we like or not we will encounter some form of math in our lives and this is why it is so important to learn it when we have a chance.