Why it can be Difficult to Make Friends at High School when You’re Shy

Shyness can make it difficult for you to open up and talk to people, because you’re always preoccupied with what you perceive to be your flaws. You may be worried about saying something silly and being judged negatively because of it and so you find it easier to avoid situations where you might have to speak. However, when you’re in high school it is impossible to avoid some kind of interaction with your fellow students. Your teachers may ask you to work in a group and to discuss the topic you’re studying; plus, lunch time can seem to drag on when you don’t have anyone to talk to.

Unfortunately, being shy in high school can make it hard for you to make friends. Whereas confident and outgoing individuals can talk to anyone and everyone, you tend to find that your shyness gets the better of you and makes it difficult for you to speak. Shyness affects people in different ways, though, and so if you’re shyness is relatively mild you may be able to function to an acceptable degree. It might be a struggle to adapt at first, but once you get to know a few people you start to feel more comfortable about expressing your opinions.

It is much tougher if you are so shy that you do all you can to avoid speaking in class and choose to eat your lunch alone and spend the rest of your time in the library, reading a book. You don’t have to be super-confident to be able to make at least a few friends, but when you are unable to make any friends because you’re so self-conscious, high school can be a lonely place. What makes the situation worse is that when you come across as somewhat of a loner it seems to make you a target for abuse and you can find yourself being bullied.

Therefore, not only can you find yourself struggling to make friends as a result of your shyness; you also find that there are people who seem to actively despise you. Of course, bullies don’t really care who it is that they pick on, but when you appear to be different in any way, shape or form you’re immediately a target. Besides, it is not as if you have anyone to stick up for you and you probably won’t have the confidence to stick up for yourself.

The high school experience can be rather depressing when you’re shy and could damage your self-esteem, which often makes it even more challenging for you to find the motivation needed to socialise so that you are able to build relationships with other people.