Why it can be Difficult to Make Friends at High School when You’re Shy

High school is the period when teenagers start shaping their personality and when they start choosing the kind of people they like to be around. But in order to make friends, one has to have the courage to approach others, to communicate and to express freely their preferences. Those who manage to do that become the so-called “popular” students whom everyone wants to be friends with because they seem to have no flaws. Everyone admires the confidence they emit and the nerve to express whatever they are feeling. They make a lot of friends, always seem to get what they want and feel good about themselves.

Shy teenagers don’t do that. They think they can’t and prefer to sit and watch, because their lack of confidence makes them believe they have nothing to show others. However, most shy students are very intelligent and have remarkable talents and hobbies, but they usually keep it to themselves. When you don’t have the chance to get to know someone, you can’t like them and feel the need of being around them. It is difficult for shy people to make friends when they are too intimidated by communicating to others. Therefore they spend a lot of time alone at school. Being alone makes them feel depressed and think they aren’t as good as “popular students”, even if some of them are even better.

Feeling inferior doesn’t help anyone make friends. This is why classes where students can speak freely about themselves and their own preferences help the shy ones express their opinions and show others parts of their personality. This way, they find things in common with their colleagues and conversation topics for the breaks. And knowing what others like, shy teenagers can choose who they can go and talk to and have the confident feeling they will find their words and make a good impression.

Even if it’s hard to make friends in high school when you’re shy, everyone has at least one. And the friends you make in high school usually are the best you’ll find. You literally grow up together and share a lot of things. The simple fact of knowing there is another person similar to you that you like spending time with makes you like yourself better and gives you confidence. And confidence turns a shy teenager into a great person who appreciates themselves and other people.