Why it is Important to Study Math in High School

‘Mathematics is the most important subject in school.’

There is some trurh in this statement, but sometimes the importance of mathematics and the physical sciences in schools tend to go too far. Elementary school mathematics is very important. It teaches us the basic number systems, and division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Elementary school mathematics is also very practical and help us solve everyday problems. Going to the check-out counter and counting change is something that involves mathematics and is used by everyone in the world. Percentages also help us a lot and are very practical to use, whether to calculate the amount of interest to pay on your mortage or to calculate a salary increase. Basic Mathematics also teaches us how to calculate our monthly salary and work out thehours of leave we have each year as well. This is conclusive proof that we have to spur children on to learn their mathematics, and get a good grounding in primary school, because that is where it all starts.

Secondary school mathematics is a bit abstract, and some kids just do not have the aptitude for it. Higher grade mathematics is very difficult. There are some lucky people who are naturally mathematically inclined, but for the majority of us we have to work at the subject. A good teacher is also a must, and extra tution helps. The student will have to work through past year question papers and study a little harder than the other subjects.

All students should take mathematics in secondary school. A lot of students downgrade to standard grade mathematics as they find higher grade very difficult. Some of these students can cope with it, but others may have made a mature decision to downgrade . Many students end up in non mathematical careers at the end of high school, but they should still have a good grounding in the subject as it is used in everyday life.

How often has mathematics been used in a new receipe, or to calculate how much of food should be cooked for a specific number of people? How often have we calculated our monthly budget? We have to use mathematics to do it.

Secondary school mathematics can be challenging, but the average student should not get discouraged. Average students with a positve attiude who work hard consistently throughout the year score A’s more in mathematics than the naturally gifted maths student.

We all have the ability to go through the higher domain of mathematics; all it takes is some willigness to learn, and we will be on our way.