Why last Minute Cramming is Ineffective

So often you hear students, especially those in college, claim that they can get by with last-minute cramming for tests because all they are really interested in is passing a test or a course. Though this might work in the short term, it is hardly a strategy that will help a student prepare for life after school, which is what college is supposed to be all about.

The reason last-minute cramming is ineffective is because it doesn’t allow the brain time to process anything. Everything is memorized and nothing is internalized. Also, when you cram for a test, instead of preparing slowly over time, you never come to understand what it is that is being presented to you. And it is in understanding that effective learning comes about. This is because when you understand something, you don’t really need to memorize, because it’s all based on concepts, rather than facts. For example, if you study basketball, particularly your favorite team, you just naturally come to know not just the names of the players, but the skills they are good at, how they do under pressure and all kinds of other things about basketball, your team and favorite players. You don’t have to sit down and try to memorize all the names and statistics, or how they did in certain years, you just know, because you’ve made it a part of you, rather than an exercise in memorization.

Another reason that cramming is ineffective is because over time, your ability to cram for tests at the last minute and pass those test, diminishes, because as you progress from class to class, more knowledge is assumed when you take those tests and because it was never gained in the first place, it becomes more and more difficult to pass, much less excel.

And finally, a big reason why last minute cramming is ineffective is because as you advance through college you’re not learning one of the basic skills that will be required of you after you graduate and move into a profession, and that is, how to perform basic work in a professional environment. What this means in effect is, last-minute cramming won’t work in the real world, and if you’ve spent your entire college career cramming  at the last minute, you’re going to find yourself lost in the real world of getting things done progressively and in an orderly way as you move towards meeting deadlines and goals. Thus, you would be effectively starting off your career behind those other students who have been putting in the time learning how to get things done the right way.

To sum up, last-minute cramming is truly an ineffective and lousy way to make your way through school.