Why more Students are Cheating Students Cheating High School Cheating High School Students Cheat

Thousands of people have debated over the years why more and more students are choosing to cheat. There is only answer to this question: Pressure. High school, in particular, used to be a time about pulling pranks, socializing and learning what you had to learn. Many times senior year wasn’t even really necessary. Not anymore. In today’s world, high school has turned into a pre-college preparatory program that consists of APs, Honor courses and insane extracurriculars. Students have less and less time but are still trying to find time to socialize. This places a strain on their time and leads good students to cheating. 

It used to be that the kids who weren’t doing well would be prone to cheating because they wanted to pass the grade, not be forced to retake a course, etc. Now, many good students who would be doing average or above average are cheating because they are having a difficult time finding time for fun in their life or they are facing pressure from colleges and parents. Many students will choose to hang out all weekend with friends and then cheat off of someone for the test on Monday. Even more students are so pressured from parents to get into selective colleges that they run into cheating in an effort to be completely perfect with their test scores. It all boils down to pressure. Students today are facing entirely too much pressure.

If schools and administrators would like to eliminate cheating problems within the schools, then they must find way to help students fight against pressure from the outside. Some pressure is good, striving to better yourself is good. However, many parents and colleges take this too far and push students in a frenzy. I know because I’ve been there. It feels as though there is no possible way that you can succeed but you know you need to. This kind of stress is something that students need to feel empowered to resist. Students need to learn how to manage stress, resist pressure to be perfect and realize that they can succeed without cheating. Thankfully schools are able to do this if they only put forth the effort and care about their students. Unfortunately, parents are a part of the problem and the solution. If schools are able to help their students correctly then they need caring, supportive, inspiring teachers and loving, understanding and compassionate parents.