Why other Students Make Fun of your Good Grades

The most important thing about school are the grades that you will make during your time there. They determine a lot about what the future holds for you. If you get good grades, you get into good schools, get scholarships for those schools, and you get a jump start on your future after school. If you get bad grades your life can be a struggle. So why is it that people who get good grades get made fun of by those who go to class with them?

Mostly it is because the kids who get good grades are often times associated with being nerds. If you get good grades it is assumed that you spend way too much time doing homework, and reading your school books. It is also assumed that the reason you might spend so much time reading your books, and doing homework, is because you don’t have much of a life.

That simply isn’t true in all cases. You can do your work and still have a life outside of school. There is nothing wrong with being committed to your school work either. Getting good grades is the reason that you go to school, and you should spend as much time as you need to on your homework. School comes first, and the other stuff can wait until after you are done with your homework.

Don’t let what other people say about you effect the way you go about preparing for school. The kids who typically are going to make fun of you either don’t get good grades themselves, or they just don’t feel good about themselves. They need someone to pick on because they have problems at home, or they feel like they need to impress someone. Instead of just focusing on school, they will just attack you for being a nerd.

Some people are just dumb, and will make fun of you for anything. Get ready for that in your life, and there are always going to be people out there who want to make fun of you simply because they can. They are just jerks, and they will probably end up being your subordinate sometime during your working life.

Just take the teasing in stride. Sure, you might get teased for doing well in school, but you won’t be getting teased when you have a good job, and probably end up getting the girl that the jock can’t get anymore. Your skills will last for the rest of your life, while the skills of throwing a football, or being pretty only last for a few years.