Why Patriotism should be Taught to High School Students

There are many reasons why patriotism should be taught to high school students. Patriotism helps to unify a group of people for the best interest of a country. Students that are patriotic are often more involved in the political and social needs of their community. This means that the students will be more likely to be active decision-makers in the world around them when they have the ability to vote as adults. This is beneficial to everyone because when students are supportive of their country, they are more likely to be interested in how current day events affect the entire world.

Students that are patriotic are less likely to feel isolated from the rest of the student body. The group mentality is beneficial because most students are searching for something to be a part of. If a student understands the history of the country that they live in, they will be more likely to take an active role in shaping the country’s future. Having pride in the country that a student lives in is also important because it will help them to understand the sacrifices that soldiers in that country’s military have made in previous generations as well as in their generation.

Patriotic students are more likely to be respectful of tradition and often appreciate the diversity in their country. Patriotism has been shown in some research studies to reduce violent crime because the students will feel like everyone that is in their country is part of the community. If a person is not patriotic, then many times they will be likely to be isolated from other group activities. This mentality is not good for the community as a whole because isolation leads to feeling that the student is the only person with the right answers.

Students who feel connected to the heritage of the country are more willing to serve in the military and assist other citizens of the nation in times of need. If a student is not comfortable with being patriotic, they should not be forced into it. False patriotism is not something that anyone needs because it is an insult to the sacrifices that have made for any nation throughout the nation’s history. Students should be encouraged to feel that their voice matters in important social issues. When a student feels that they can make a difference in their nation, positive changes happen more regularly. This is often in the best interest of the people in a nation as a whole because the younger generation will eventually be the leaders of the nation.