Why Physical Education should be Encouraged in School

One of the biggest problems facing the nation today is the problem of childhood obesity. There are many reasons why kids today seem heavier than in past years, and one of the things is most certainly a lack of exercise today. One of the ways that kids can get back into better shape, or at least get some activity in is to go to gym class.

Gym class is great regardless of what physical shape you are in. In fact, gym class is the easiest A that any student is ever going to get. It is great because all you need to do is show up, try, and just make sure not to yell at the teacher. Without gym class, there is no class that is an easy raise to the GPA.

Gym class is great too because you get to simply run around. When you get older, you appreciate the time you have where you simply get to run around and not have to worry about your performance. Whether it be at work, in college, in grad school, or anywhere else in life, you don’t get many chances after age 18 to do something just for fun.

Where are we as a culture if you aren’t going to be asked to learn anything about sports? Sports are a very important part of the American way of life. How are you supposed to watch the Super Bowl if you don’t know what the line of scrimmage is, or why the teams have a line of fat guys when everyone else is in the greatest shape ever? How are you supposed to watch golf if you don’t know what a birdie is.

If you don’t know sports, you miss out on a lot of fun. You also miss out on a piece of American culture, and some business opportunities. Think about how many deals are made at a sporting event, or on the golf course? Where are you going to be if you don’t know what is going on during the game? You won’t have much fun, and passion is part of taking a client, or even a date out for the night.

Gym class is important to us all for different reasons. It might feel like you are just running around out there getting pelted by the dodgeball, but don’t worry, this will matter when you are older. There is going to come a time when you wish you could just go out and play, and you don’t even care how good you are, you just want to to do something fun. So until then, appreciate your time in gym class.