Why Public Schools should Provide Condoms to Students – Agree

Public schools should be allowed to provide condoms to current students for a few different reasons. The main reason I feel it is important for schools to do this is mainly because nowadays children are having sex at earlier ages. Children are getting pregnant younger and younger. The world is surrounded with sex, and sex is okay if you are in love. How does a child truly know they are in love? Sex is becoming more common, and I feel unwanted pregnancies or pregnancies at a young age could be prevented more if condoms were more readily available. If children don’t have money to purchase condoms or don’t want to talk to parents about getting on birth control, then the chances of them using protection are very slim. Students would be able to obtain free condoms if they are offered at school.

Many will say that providing condoms is giving them an excuse to have sex. In reality that cannot be true. A student will choose to have sex when they do. Having protection available to students can prevent more than anything. The school would be helping students protect themselves from sexually-transmitted diseases and pregnancy. No, it may not be 100 percent effective, but it does prevent a lot. Most students these days are not going to run to their parents to talk about sex or how to protect themselves. Why not allow the school to help those who may be too embarrassed to ask? Giving them another avenue will assist them further.

Another reason this would be beneficial is because a lot of students don’t even know where they could get free condoms. A 14-year-old probably has no clue what to do. Yes, they could go see a doctor, but that would require them to speak to their parents, who are going to be against them having sex. Those who can’t talk to their parents may go to a free clinic. However, they can alert parents as well if the person is a minor. That is not going to help a young student, that is going to push them further away from doing the right thing. The most common place a child goes is school. Why not make it easier for them to protect themselves?

I have two young children and would be happy if their schools offered preventive avenues. My kids talk to me about everything, but when they get older that is going to change. I would rather them feel confident obtaining condoms from school then not talking to anyone about it or getting help. School is meant to teach children, so why not teach them to use protection in the event they decide to engage in sexual activities.