Why Public Speaking and Forensics should be Required Courses in High School

Public speaking and forensics should be mandatory high school courses. They are powerful tools. And anyone should know how important they function in real life. If any presidents or public officers can’t express their idea clear to the public, no matter how good they are, they still won’t be elected. If Albert Einstein can’t defend his theory of relativity, this theory may become a piece of joke.

Public speaking is a tool to express your idea to all other people. It is important in every aspect of life. Teachers need to express their knowledge to students. Actors need to express what they want to reveal to the audiences. Lawyers need to express their point of view to the judged and the juries. No matter what you’ve found and what you’ve invented, it is not become recognize and reward until they are being known by others.

Forensics is a tool to defend your idea from other people’s different point of view. Your idea is inescapably being attacked or rejected. At this time, Forensics will help you to convince others to accept your idea. It is also important in every aspect of life.

Most of students have the experience of arguing grade with their teachers, as I did. In high school, if I found out my grade was unreasonably low, I would consult with my teacher as once. I would list all the reason to him that why I should have a better grade. And most of the time they would explain to me his point of view too. At this moment, I needed to compare his idea and my idea to figure out a way to convince him my point of view was more reasonable. And most of the time, it was the case. During this process, you have to clearly express your idea and defend your idea.

As we all see, public speaking and forensics have significant applicable value in the real life stage. So why shouldn’t they be required coursed in high school?