Why Reading has become Unpopular with Teenagers

Many people of the older generation have deemed the teenage generation of today as simply stupid; unintelligent, lazy, illiterate and the like. People assume that because teenagers don’t have private libraries full of books, or spend countless hours roaming the aisles of bookstores that they are simply not reading. However, what most people don’t take into consideration is the type of media these teens grew up with. We live in a digital era, and these teens grew up with all forms of electronics that allowed them to read any and everything without ever having to leave their house. Reading may be less popular than ever before, but it’s important to look at the society of today to fully answer that question of why?

We live in a fast paced world full of ever changing technology. And with all these – smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods – at the forefront of teen’s lives, why would they choose to slow down and read a book? Why would a teen pick out a good fiction book, go sit in a shady spot in the park, listen to birds chirp and the kids play, feel the breeze, and smell the fresh air when they could play a perfectly good video game, involving killing people on the streets, in the comfort of their dust filled, dandruff packed bedroom? In our society, that is so fast paced, it has conditioned us to never slow down, to never fully concentrate, and to always be looking out for the next best thing; reading a book goes against this belief.

Not everybody, however, feels this way. There are teens out there that do, in fact, like reading. They enjoy learning, enjoy researching, and enjoy the escape a good book will induce. These are the teens that have learned to use the technology of our day in a way that is over looked. When statisticians decided to look into how many teens are reading in today’s world they overlooked the type of format these teens were reading in. Reading comes in all forms now, whether it is a kindle, a website, or even a phone. Reading cannot be deduced into one format; you cannot just look at the sales of literature books and generalize the teenage population. Some teens may not read books, but enjoy reading credible websites, newspapers, blogs, etc. Our world is changing, and it’s time the older generation evolves along with it.

If you were to ask your typical high schooler if he or she reads the answer will most likely be no, especially, if that person is amongst friends who don’t read as well. Reading has somehow gotten this stigma and that it’s unpopular. Perhaps this is something that starts at home; from the same generation that is calling them illiterate. Do they themselves read?