Why Reading is Unpopular with Teens

Reading is a favorite past time for many people, especially adults. In books, you can experience anything, and books can take you anywhere. Why then, does a large amount of teens seem to despise the hobby so much? How could they hate journeying through all the classic books that every adult alive has read? The answer is quite clear. The usual problem between teens and adults is the time, and time has a big factor in this circumstance as well.

Many argue, such as this site, that teens just can’t focus on the plots of books compared to a movie. In a movie plot, the story is thrown into your face with very little room for confusion. There is no thinking involved, no imagination, and no comprehension. In a book, it is quite different. You have to imagine the characters, you have to develop the plot in your mind, and you have to comprehend what is happening in the book. Lack of concentration in the book and you will not understand it and will most likely not enjoy it. Lack of concentration in a movie and you might not understand it, but you will still enjoy the awesome, cutting edge graphic fight scene.

Another common reason is the time. We all know movies are quicker. After all, many are condensed versions of popular books. So, one would say, if a teen liked the movie, they should read the book! Well, most teens do not think that way. Many refuse to read the book because they have already seen the movie, so they already knows what happens. While most adults don’t see the movie because they don’t want their idea of the story to be ruined. If a teen is given the choice between watching the movie or reading the book, they will most likely side with the movie because of the easier comprehension and the less time consumption.

The lack of reading and urge to read from teens is quite obvious. It has even called some authors to write about it, such as Mark Bauerlein to write books about this generation. Many believe that the problem can not be fixed, that the media already has the message that reading isn’t fun drilled in to the heads of teenagers. However, with great books for young adults being published such as Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games series, there is still proof that teens will read if they can just find the right book.