Why Shyness can Make it Difficult for you to say anything in Class

Shyness can be a rather annoying trait to have, especially when you’re growing up, because everyone else seems to be confident and outgoing, whilst there you are sat in the corner with your head buried in a book. It is no bad thing to be bookish when you’re at school, especially since the primary reason you’re there is to learn, but at the same time socialising is an important feature of school as well. Unfortunately, when you’re shy you may be able to focus on your studies, but you can’t completely ignore the fact that you have to actually say something in class. If you don’t, your fellow students come to the conclusion that you’re weird.

They may reach that conclusion, anyway, when you don’t seem to be able to produce a coherent sentence on those occasions you’re picked on by one of your teachers. Shyness can affect your ability to communicate because there is tendency for those who are ‘afflicted’ by shyness to be overly worried about what others think of them. This, unfortunately, can lead you to act in ways which may be considered rather socially awkward and this can produce a negative response from your peers. You may be taunted or picked on because of your inability to express yourself, which only makes you even more reluctant to speak up in future.

You don’t have much choice when your teacher picks on you, though. The teacher will no doubt ask a question and either pick someone who has their hand up to answer it or pick on someone who hasn’t put their hand up, believing that they haven’t put their hand up for a reason. Thus, you’re never quite sure whether you’re going to be safe or not, but until the question and answer part of the lesson is over your stomach is tied in knots because you’re so anxious that it could be you who is called upon to answer a question.

High school is tough enough as it is, but shyness seems to make the experience ten times worse. All you want to do is fit in, but if there is anything that makes you stand out you will no doubt be victimised because of it, and this includes being shy. It is difficult to pretend you’re confident when you’re not and though you may be able to make a few friends with the people in your class you’re probably not going to be the most popular person in the class, not that you could handle that kind of responsibility, anyway!

When you’re shy you basically spend your high school years hoping that this is a phase and that you’ll grow out of it. Sometimes this is the case and you really learn to let go of your fears at university or at work, but sometimes you’re destined to be shy as an adult, which there isn’t much you can do about.