Why some Children Struggle with Exams

Some students can ace an exam without any effort at all. Then there are other students who struggle with an exam no matter how hard they try.  Learning styles, stress, personality traits, and physical wellbeing are some of the factors that cause some children to struggle with exams.

There are several different learning styles. Most exams are written. A written exam is extremely hard for a student who is an auditory or kinesthetic learner. The auditory learner does best when he or she hears what is being taught, and does not always understand written instruction or assessments. This makes a written exam extremely challenging to the auditory learner and sometimes impossible. The same child can most of the time sit down and discuss the exam, and have the same knowledge about the information contained in the exam as the child who passed the test. This is the same for a kinesthetic learner who learns best through hands on experiences. A written test throws these children off and they struggle extremely hard to pass.

Some students can study for and exam and have all of the information down pact. Then they sit down to take the test and all that they know leaves their mind. The child is simply stressed. He is worried about the test and cannot think under pressure. It is best to find ways to relax and for the student to tell himself that it is just a test and no different from going over the information at home. He knows the answers and needs to just relax and answer them one at a time. Stress can cause many problems, alleviating the stress can help the child struggle less with the exam.

Some children are perfectionist and many tests are timed. These children will not do well on a timed exam because they have to do everything a certain way or it is not good enough. They cannot provide sloppy or incomplete work so they struggle hard to make the answers perfect. A child like this should be given more than the usual amount of time to take the exam so that he or she can be successful.

Children struggle with an exam when they are not well fed or rested. If a child is hungry, his or her mind is on food rather than on the test, he or she is taking at the time.  Being tired makes it hard to focus on things, if a child is tired he or she cannot focus on the test. It is important for students to have a well-balanced meal and good night’s sleep before an exam. This will help ensure success.

Children all learn differently, they have different personalities, learning styles and stressors that might result in them struggling to take an exam. Since not all children are alike, not all exams should be alike. There should be ways for each exam to adhere to the different type of child so that all children can succeed.