Why some Teens Dislike Math and Science

Many teens in our modern world hate math and science but do we know why?During the early high school years a lot a pressure is put on teenagers because of the all important exams.Also it is often seen to be uncool if you are seen as a leader in your field.Also some off the topics required on the curriculum are very complicated for teenagers.Teenagers are also very busy with there arrangement of social activities so these topic which may be more difficult than others don’t appeal to them very well.Some teenagers do not like maths and science simply because they think that the career they will enroll in will not require them to know these topics.So the popular attitude is encouraging these youngster to dislike the subject more and more.Another reason are teachers.We can all sympathize with teenagers when we talk about some of the suffer they endure.Most teachers I know a quite nice and there pupils would agree with this motions but there are teacher at some school that make life hell for pupils.I used to have a teacher who would scream at me so hard that my ears would ring for ages.So these mean teachers don’t change pupils attitudes towards the subject of math and science.

Another issue is that in some school teachers don’t do nothing to make students like the subject.If some more effort was put into encouraging pupils that science and maths is actually a fun and exciting subject they would find it a more enjoyable affair.The reason I know is because I have personally ask students why they don’t like science and maths.Also the excitement of doing experiment such as using bunsen burners or chemical reactions are over used and many pupils know the outcome.What we need to do is refresh the whole topic and new practical experiment,in other words make science fun.

Math,without a doubt is one off the hardest subject to learn.There are hundred of formula and mathematical facts that pupils have to learn in just the short years they attend high school.This is why it is such a put off.Frankly there just is not enough time to learn all this information for the average pupil.Student realise this and give up on the topic.What should be done is to make teachers be more lenient with pupils and make sure they actually know what they are doing.If they have a one to one session with the teenagers it could help them acknowledge the subject better and thus get better exam results and even better get to like the subject.