Why some Teens Dislike Math and Science

Who here hated math and science as a teenager?

Chances are, most of you reading this raised your hand. Even I raised my hand. Math and science were either the 2 most liked subjects in school, or they were the 2 most hated subjects in high school. I was more of an English/History guy in high school. Math and science and me just didn’t get along.

And let’s be honest – I am now a full grown adult, and I haven’t used a bit of the algebra or geometry I learned in school. I remember my teachers telling me how important these two subjects were, and how we were going to be thankful we learned them in high school for our future.

But unless your an accountant or a scientist, we don’t need them . . . that’s the problem. And nowadays, I think kids are realizing that. Either they hear it from their parents or they find it out on their own, but because they know it, they just don’t care. Science and math have been the lowest scoring subjects across our country. It’s a no-brainer that teenagers, of all people, dislike them.

And why is this? I’m sure many of you reading this did like math and science. The simple fact is, both subjects just come easy to many students. To these people, it didn’t take much to understand the concepts and formulas each one holds.

But for other teens, it is hard. It’s very hard. Some teens just can’t get the hold of these two subjects. Their brain just doesn’t respond to the patience it takes to learn this stuff. Because of that, teens get turned off easily. They just give up. At that age, it’s likely that kids just don’t care enough to continue with something that’s strenuous for them.

If you were a child like that, or you have a child like that, then you have to understand where they’re coming from. You have to relate to them. Some kids just don’t get math or science. These subjects can be difficult to understand at first, but if they continue with it, and keep trying, they’ll eventually get it.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen most of the time. Teenagers think math and science is hard, and that’s all there is to it.

These are the classes that require a lot of time and thinking. They’re boring. In math, it’s the same thing in almost every class. When I was a kid, I hated math because of it’s routine-like nature. Everyday, we’d learn something new. Everyday, we’d take notes. Everyday, we’d get an assignment. Teens don’t have the largest attention spans in America, to be brutally honest, and because of this, their interest in the subject wanes very easily.

And, when it’s time to take the test, many students study enough to “just pass,” because that’s all they feel they’re capable of. That’s all they want. Perhaps these students don’t want to learn math or science because they aren’t cool. And, you have to admit that high school is all about what’s cool and what isn’t. Whether math or science was cool to you clearly determined the kind of student you were.

Math and science make up the most important subjects in high school. Unfortunately, they’re also the subjects that have the least followers. Teens hate math and science, and it’s understandable. They’re boring, they’re difficult, they’re hard to understand, and they’re useless to 95% of the everyday world’s applications . . . at least to a teenager’s point of view.

Whether or not you want to, if you’re a teen, it’s better off to pay attention and learn them to the best of your capability, because in the future, there may be a time when you think to yourself, “Hey, I wish I learned this when I had the chance.”