Why some Teens Dislike Math and Science

Many teenagers need to find an outlet for expression. As important as math and science are, they do not have as many opportunities for self-expression in the same way that English does. Poetry, reading, writing, etc. All these things are more geared towards figuring out who you are and expressing yourself which is something many teenagers desire. Another important aspect of why teens dislike math and science is because it tends to be more straightforward. In terms of partial credit, there seems to be less of it. 

I also think that part of this dislike stems from different mindsets and personalities. I know plenty of teenagers who dislike english and history but adore math and science. Many students also love math and science. It is just the way that it is. Everyone has different things that come more naturally to them. I feel that in today’s world many students are used to various forms of self-expression or are used to reading. These are things that they can do and even if they do not like them, they may understand them. I would also say that most public high schools tend to have more challenging math and science courses rather than english and history courses. This makes it more likely that students will dislike math and sicence courses simply because they are more difficult.

I know growing up I had this problem. My science and math courses were more challenging. I was also more interested in and more gifted into he english and history departments. However, the courses I took were not as challenging for me. In fact, I found them relatively easy. I believe that this is a problem that many teens encounter when they are taking high school classes. I also believe that this is why some teens have such a prevalent dislike for the math and science courses and subject matter. If it makes their life harder and they do not enjoy the material, then they will not like it. This is true for most people and for most things in life in general.

The best way to counteract this is to try to engage students and to make things more accessible to them in their studies. If they can understand it and hopefully find something interesting or arresting in some way then they will be more apt to learn and more apt to enjoy it. They will have an easier time liking the math and science subject material.