Why some Teens Dislike Math and Science

Some teens dislike math and science because they find them difficult and don’t truly appreciate how useful they are. If they only learn formulas and terms rather than the reasons that the formulas work or their practical applications, they may find math and science very tedious. At the time that they study them, they may fail to realize just how useful they really are.

Math and science clearly have many applications. They are useful for in the fields of statistics, engineering, polling, architecture and teaching to name just a few fields. Obviously a knowledge of math and science is also very useful for everyday life. It’s good to be able to calculate sums and understand the numbers used for weights and measures. However, many students fail to appreciate this.

The more practical the teacher makes a course, the more likely students are to enjoy it. I had math and science teachers who were very enthusiastic about their fields and who encouraged us to learn more than what was in our textbooks. My math teacher often gave us bonus questions which really encouraged me to study hard and he was always happy to answer questions. Both of these teachers helped give me a deeper appreciation of math and science.

Teens are also more likely to appreciate math and science if they learn a little about the history of these fascinating fields. For example, learning about great scientists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton can make math and science more interesting. Also, understanding that many of the formulas and theories that we use today came about through trial and error allows students to understand that we can learn a lot from our mistakes.

Some teens also dislike math and science because they feel they are not good at them. The best way to remedy this situation is to find out where the student has difficulties and then address them. Once a student gets more confidence in his/her ability to solve math and science problems, he/she will be able to enjoy math and science far more.

Math and science are very useful but many students don’t realize it. If they are aware of how useful they are in our everday lives, they may gain a far greater appreciation of the importance of math and science. Also, having an instructor with a real passion for teaching can make a big difference as was the case with me personally. Perhaps another way to instill a real interest in math and science in students is to make them aware of the very interesting histories of these fields.