Why some Teens Dislike Math and Science

The reason that many teenagers dislike math and science so much is that on the introductory levels they are completely structured. From what I know firsthand teenagers enjoy arguing and debating based off of their own views and interests. In a class like Chemistry there is no room for actual debate. Nothing in these classes are relative, and every little fact and figure must be completely memorized. In my AP Calculus class all we do is memorize formulas. Even when these are put into real world situations it’s the same summation every time.

In classes like Math and Science everyone is heading to the same conclusion no matter what their own personal style is. The goal is to make your work end in the same exact place as the teacher’s, and this in no way expresses personality or individuality.

Many teenagers seek to establish themselves as individuals or members of a certain group. This kind of mentality is hostile towards completely structured courses. In History classes there is room for discussions about the positive and negative impacts of certain decisions and trends. In English there is some structure, but there is also room to use that structure as your own tool to create something that is completely and utterly your own and to express ideas that you believe in.

Teenagers don’t want to be molded. They want to express.