Why Study Hall in High School should not be Eliminated

Study Hall: To be or not to be?

Study hall should NOT be eliminated. Study hall is helpful. It allows students to work on their homework, and in Study Hall, they can ask a friend for help if they don’t understand the assignment.

It can help students study before tests, and just understand the material. While we all realize that Study Hall can be “Playtime” for some students, that doesn’t mean you should take away the privilege for EVERYONE. If those kids want to get in trouble, they’ll get in trouble, but the ones that don’t, well, they’ll do what they have to do.

This is all about over-estimating the masses. People are EXPECTING students to mess up, therefore, you prove them wrong. It’s the natural order of things. There’s ALWAYS change. People want to change things. Maybe, if you have a little faith in the students, they’ll prove you right. If not, well, privileges CAN be taken away.

Study Hall gives students a chance to work on things they NEED to work on. Like Science Fair projects, or SAT practice. You’d be shocked what a little release on the leash can do.

You see, it’s all psychological. Give trust, and you’ll receive what you deserve. Whereas the schools that take away Study Hall…well, let’s just say grades can slip, and the kids won’t be all too grateful either.

As an example, I’m going to use myself. In math, there are some things I just do NOT understand. As you can infer, that causes stress, especially at home. When I’m at school, I can ask my friends for help. Nine out of ten times, one of them knows and understands the math problem.

It’s the same for schools’ students who have Study Hall…

Study Hall: To be or not to be?

Study Hall is DEFINITELY a “TO BE…”

So, I say to any student who is reading this article, PROVE EVERYONE WRONG! SHOW THEM! Show that Study Hall benefits us in the best positive ways!

To all educators reading this, please don’t get rid of Study Hall. It is a POSITIVE thing. It helps with education. Sometimes, teachers can give SO much homework, and to be given a time where we can work on it, where we we have access to classmates with the same assignments who understand the stuff we ourselves don’t. With Study Hall, we can accomplish more.

Students can tutor their classmates. While I realize that behavior is a MASSIVE deal for schools across the globe, what about the fact that with Study Hall, students can do better in school?

Study Hall, a positive step. A positive forty-five minutes in every students life. Eliminating Study Hall…Not a chance.