Why Teachers Encourage Class Discussion

Why do teachers encourage class discussion? There are many things that a teacher needs to do in order to keep the young minds in the classroom stimulated, and ready to learn. One of the best ways to help you learn is by talking, and so if you can get your kids to participate in some sort of discussion, you will be able to get them to actively participate more often. This is a great tactic, and it has many benefits to doing so.

The first benefit is that the kids are required to actually be active in class. It is one thing to make your kids sit through a lecture, and then give a test. What if the child isn’t doing well, and then doesn’t really participate in class? I remember that when I was younger, I would often zone out during class, and even in college did so if not called on.

When I was required to actually participate in class I realized that I was learning more than I had before. Whether it was we were playing a game, or I had to answer a question from the homework, I was certainly more prepared when I was under the assumption that I would have to talk. It was what raised the level of my game, and pushed me to study harder.

Forcing kids to talk forces kids to think. If you are the one speaking, you have to learn how to make an argument, and then defend that argument with facts. If you are listening, you are forced to think critically and even might be forced to respond to that. In this way you are teaching kids more than just what is going on in the class, you are teaching them life skills as well.

Class is more fun when there is a lively debate. My favorite classes were ones in which we got to role play, or play some sort of game. It brought the class to life, and it made the material we were learning that much easier to handle. It made me think harder, and it made me work harder because I didn’t want to say something stupid in class.

Good teachers ask kids to participate in class discussions because it makes you think more. It helps you learn more, and it helps you to really get involved in your class work. There are so many benefits to encouraging class discussion that more classes should be taught like that.