Why Teaching is still a Good Career Option

The teaching profession has lost its appeal over the last few decades. Teaching was once a well respected profession. Teachers were proud people and were respected by society and their learners.  Sadly over time the pride that was once part of the teaching profession declined.  Teachers became victims of their learners. The twenty first century has seen the tables turned with regards to power. The power that teachers used to enforce discipline has been taken away from them. Some have even become victims of bullying.

Teaching has become widely unpopular due to the high stress levels exprerienced in the profession. Learners verbally abuse teachers and they are pushed around by the education departments. Remeneration is another problem with this profession. Teachers tend to be highly educated, often furthering their studies but their salaries remain meagre.

Teaching has lost its appeal today but there are still many reasons why it is still a good career option. Prospective students thinking of getting into the teaching profession need to take account of this.

Here are a few reasons why teaching is still considered a good option:

Teaching is regarded as a profession. Teachers have to obtain a tertiary qualification and undergo a certain amount of practical experience before registering as qualified teachers. They also have to adhere to a code of ethics and may be required to register with profession bodies in some countries. Anyone cannot become a teacher. The title is earned and one can be proud to be called a teacher.

Teaching is one of the most stable jobs of the twenty first century. One can argue that no job is stable in the twenty first century but teaching is one of the most stable jobs that a person can enter. Bankers, lawyers and fashion designers all run the risk of loosing their jobs at any time but teachers can be assured that they will most probably always have a job.

The monthly salary may not be great but one can lead a comfortable life on it. Most teachers are employed by the state so they can look forward to very good benefits like health insurance, pension fund, vacation leave and special leave.

Teaching is a global career. Many countries overseas recruit foreign qualified teachers. Teachers who are looking for a change or to gain residence in another country can use this opportunity to their advantage. Teachers can also take working holidays by going overseas and travelling.

The joy that a dedicated teacher gets from seeing his/her learners excel is a wonderful experience. A person who loves working with children and teenagers can gain a lot of satisfaction from this rewarding career. It is true that discipline has declined in most schools but there are still schools out there were learners are well behaved.

Many teachers offer private tuition to learners. This helps them make tax free money and some even charge more for individual tuition. Who ever said that there is no money in teaching!

The working hours for teachers are good. It is a Monday to Friday job and teachers get most of the school holidays off with their learners. Many teachers start a part time business in their spare time.

Teaching is a stable and rewarding career. Many young people hate the idea of being a ‘low paid’ teacher but the advantages to choosing teaching as a career option far outweigh the disadvantages.