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Who is Truly Responsible For Teen Low Graduation Rates?

Teachers and parents and teenagers are partly responsible for low percentage of graduates, which in return equals  100% of whom to blame. However, in a situation of discussion of who’s to blame between the teachers and the parents. I would have to lean toward the parents, and this is why:

Parents or Guardians has a duty that goes beyond changing pampers and covering up a scrape with a Band-Aid. It seems once the child grows up and hit middle school, they’re left alone to attend to their own business. Many parents may be guilty of not becoming involved with their child’s education.

Many eyebrows may raise or punishment is issued out, if a child’s report card is unsatisfactory. What about the parent’s report card or checklist of concern when it comes to their children’s education. A teacher is paid to teach and most of them, highly teach the students, whom are willing to learn.

Parent’s Report/List

A silent alarm should go off if your child is issued a failing grade. That mean you did not recognize, nor did you pay any attention to the warning signs, which can be spotted on graded homework and test papers that children tend to hide from their parents. And just because you asked your child, how they are doing in school. Doesn’t mean you will get a straight answer. A side-way answer, perhaps, like this, “I’m doing o.k.”.

 If you are not seeing your child’s grades before the teacher issue out your child’s progress report, Contact the school and set up a conference with their teachers, if an issue is detected, discuss a strategy with the teacher, which in return could benefit your child.

 I know parents live hectic lives and are often caught up with maintaining a full load of demands. Whoever said, it will be easy to manage a job, a family and unfavorable situations. Parents may become overwhelmed, and not meaning too, they accidentaly ignore everyone else. Surprisingly, this is what molds irresponsible parents .

Keep all lines of communication open with your child, no matter how lame, or outdated they think you are.

Biological and foster parents and whosoever are acting as guardian to a child are responsible for their child’s well-being, which includes their education. In return,  high school graduation rates should increase.