Why the Education System needs Big changes

Every parent wonders if their children are getting all of the tools that they need in order to advance after high school. Students now have a much harder time in school, and it seems as if teachers let students pass with the bare minimum. The education system does need big changes, because more than half of high school students pass with good grades. There is no reason why students cannot study more than 3 hours daily, for school. Many parents push their students to learn more, and to study more and get involved in more extra-curricular activities to increase their chances of getting into a good university. This is the kind of hard work that many teachers along with other school officials should be working on with their students. 

Many teachers believe that they can make a difference in students’ lives, and so they try their hardest to improve their classes test scores. If teachers can continue doing more, students can actually achieve more in their lifetime. Many students fall behind in school, or just barely make it to the next grade, and teachers wonder why they are lacking the motivation that they need. The education system needs big changes, to let parents, students and even teachers realize that in order for students to learn and test scores to improve the most, someone needs to make the first move.

Students go to school to learn and be motivated; if teachers are satisfied with simply letting their students do the bare minimum, that is all of the progress that they will get. In order to get the most results from the education system, many teachers prefer to not let students who do not do well on their final exams pass. It is not just about what students do not know, but what students should be learning and at what pace. 

Many teachers and parents know that if they do not push their students and be more strict with them, they will never really see their full potential. In order for the education system to make big changes, parents and teachers need to know how to work together, and parents need to push their students to do more, and not settle for the minimum requirements. Test scores along with semester grades vary, but the reality is that many high school students are testing in well below average scores, and they do not seem to be learning much as they progress.