Why the Teacher Body Language is Important in High School

According to the definition by Wikipedia, body language is a form of a non verbal communication that consists of gestures, facial expression, eye movements and body postures.

As a high school teacher you should bear in mind that most teenagers understand the use of body language well and are able to “read” your body language intently than any other age group.  

This is mainly due to the fact that students in high school are more curious, are more opinionated about almost everything

It also means that as a high school teacher, you must be very careful on how you communicate to your students using your body language.

If you want to be a successful high school teacher, you must make sure that you have a good level of assertiveness, and you want your class to fully understand the direction that you want them to take.

High school students are able to read and interpret your facial expressions, your mannerism and tone when you are talking to them. The students are also able to judge your state of mind by simply reading your body language.

Maintaining professionalism when teaching high school students is crucial when portraying the right kind of confidence when teaching and interacting with the students.

 The way that you use your body language when teaching in class is an important part of teaching. As a high school teacher, you should be able to know how to vary the tone and volume of your voice if you want to be an effective teacher.

You should also be able to make good use of your body language as a way of getting the message across to the students during lessons. Eye contact and confidence in your tone will help you to be an effective high school teacher.

 As a teacher you should be able to manage your emotions, concerns and fears and never show the students part of you.

You should never allow your students to see your weak side. You should be able to control your body language at all times.

Knowing how to deal with unruly students and know how to take effective measures when faced such students is a good way of becoming an effective high school teacher.

Your tone should be moderated according to the circumstances. When you increase your tone or lower it, this may sound firmer but it can also send a message of false authority to the students leading them to undermine your authority and show lack of respect for you as a teacher.

You should always remember that your body language can send out different signals that may be contrary to what you want to communicate to the students.  

For example, if you want the class to do a certain assignment but your facial expression is showing signs of uncertainty then the students are least likely to “obey” your command.

Your body language should always correspond to your verbal communication to the students. If by any chance the students start to see signs of lack of confidence in you, then this may drive them to become rowdy and unruly.

You should always make sure that you use your body language appropriately when dealing with high school students.

As a teacher, you should always remember that your body language is a non verbal communication to the students and will prompt them to respond accordingly.

When you are in control of the classroom you are able to manage the class with an upper hand as a teacher. It will also  command respect from the students and force the students to avoid engaging in distracting activities when attending your lessons.

An effective teacher is one who commands the attention of his or her students with little or no effort at all by the good use of his or her body language.

When the students respect your authority as a teacher, they are able to focus and be more attentive during your lessons and in the process, become more committed to your class.