Why you should Hire a Disc Jockey instead of a Band for your Prom

 When it comes to hiring the entertainment for a prom you have to remember one thing, people will remember this for the rest of their lives. Not to put any pressure on you but, a prom is an event that high school teens will think of from time to time, remembering how much fun it was, how one person dressed in a strange outfit, or how much the punch tasted gross.

Therefore, you will want to make the prom a great event to be fondly remembered for the rest. This is when you have to get really creative thinking of hiring great alternatives to a band.

1. Hire a sound system. A sound system can offer a wider range of musical choices than a band usually can. Most bands gear their music to a certain type of music tastes such as jazz, heavy metal, 80’s music, etc. But a sound system disc jockey can play a wider range of music, ensuring that every prom attendee can have a great time.

2. Offer karaoke. For prom goers that want to have more of an interactive prom experience, have a karaoke machine with speakers set up so that people can sing along to their favorite tunes. This way everyone can have a memorable time singing to the songs they truly enjoy.

3. Revolutionize the prom experience. Start a new prom tradition by having students perform a play of their choice. This time around allow prom goers to act in the play if they want by having a murder mystery prom. Sponsor a theatrical dinner event where all prom attendees create stage props costumes, and music for a dinner theatre presentation.

4. Instead of hiring one band, hire several different bands to play the prom. Offer several inexpensive local bands to play at the prom. Young, talented musicians that are relatively inexpensive such as high school bands that go to the school can play tunes. Mix it up to please everyone, and this will be the best prom ever.

5. Instead of hiring a band for the prom, hire an entertainer such as a comedian, or a stuntman. Then for people who must have music, offer a band later on that night. Hire a local or national comedian or stunt act as a prom choice.

6. Do something totally different by having the prom at a fun location. Organize a fun event instead of having a dance. Offer different alternatives such as bowling, a movie offered at school, with a dinner. Offer an evening of creating items to give to needy kids such as making jewelry, hats or purses.

7. Don’t have a prom at all; instead create something that will last forever for the community. Ask prom goers to volunteer one day or evening and help the community out by everyone volunteering at a place they love such as the SPCA. Have all would be prom attendees paint the school, or build a brick wall that will last for years to come. For communities in need during bad economic times volunteering can be a great way to give back, ensuring a community that lasts forever.

Great alternatives to hiring a band for the prom exist. You just have to create one that will make everyone happy. Sounds like it’s time to organize a prom committee.