Why you should Stay in School

Today’s young generation have been programmed to
want more expensive items than their parents. Before
their eyes are a variety of enticements- media,
technological innovations, new options, and the
creation of being your own entrepreneur. In order
to be a participant in the “greatest and the latest”
our young people need to stay in school.

School is designed to give each young person a
foundation on which to build their future. All school’s
have as their objective, the empowerment idea which will
allow its graduates to earn viable livings and to be
able to afford a lifestyle that is without embarrassment.
As students stay in school, they will be closer to
reaching this objective.

Dropping out of school is a backward step for anyone
today. The job opportunities are highly minimized, and
the opportunities to excel are very limited. Even with
the best of intentions, young people need some “paper
work” behind them before an employer will consider them
for employment. The fields are highly competitive in
whatever area a person may live.

It goes without saying that the longer you stay in
school, and the more education ones can get under their
belt, their chances of providing a better life for themselves
and their families. Parents are there for their children up
to a point, but all parents love to see their children being
able to stand on their own two feet. Education helps put
children and young people in this position.

Some young people dream of being a famous sports’ superstar.
This is an admirable goal, but it is very unrealistic when
an educational foundation is not there to show that there
has been perseverance in obtaining something of value such
as a high school diploma, GED or college diploma. Others
desire to be a movie star or a singer. Even if one has the
talents for these areas, there are still papers to sign,
things to read, and decisions to be made. All of our lives
we will be reading, deciding and immersed in things that
require an educational background.

There are just too few options for those who do not finish
high school. And there are beau-coup options for those who go
beyond and move upwards to postgraduate studies. The money
is greater and the rewards are too. When a person is young,
they can flex and make their dreams a reality. As one gets
older, the brain gets a little slower. So why not take
advantage of age and opportunities. Stay in school- you’ll
be proud you did!