Why you should Stay in School

“School is too hard”

“I don’t have time to go to school”

“There is nothing in school for me”

There are one hundred and one reasons why any person can choose not to finish school, but in reality there are two hundreds reasons why people should stay in school and get their degree or just a certificate. One of the problems with students today is that they do not have the motivation that is required in order for them to finish what they started in school. School is a place where anyone can learn something new and useful. They can use the information that they learn in school to get them through hard times in their life, or in their jobs. People attend school so that they can have a better chance at making something more out of themselves and hopefully with their new education they are able to get the job of their dreams. 

But none of this is possible if people do not stay in school and try to finish what they started, or go to college and get the education that they need. The important thing about college in this case, is that people can go to school at any point in their lives. School has no expiration date and it has no limit on how much time it takes any person to finish it. Students who are already in school should definitely stay in it because there is no telling when they might need to use the information that they learn, outside. 

The beauty about being in school is that students can learn much more than what they are aware of, and they can participate in several extra curricular activities that may be offered in their school, to get more out of their education. Students should stay in school because it is the best way to get more out of their education, and students who stay in school and go as far as they want have more opportunities open up for them. There is no limit as to how much time students can spend going to school, or how many degrees each student can get in their own time. 

Schools also offer their students different work opportunities for those that are interested and those that qualify, and this is a major opportunity that any students should take advantage of. There is no reason why students cannot stay in school, or should leave because there are more opportunities for those that finish their education.