Wisdom can be Passed down

It’s truly amazing how easy a veteran teacher can make it look. They can somehow take a wild and chaotic classroom and have it become an organized and creative learning environment in seconds. You kind of stand back and watch with awe. Don’t stand back too long because this is your time to learn, experiment and ask questions. You have a professional that has a vested interest in your success. Don’t waste a minute of this valuable time.

Here are somethings that you may want to focus on during your student teaching time.

*Organizational Skills
A classroom must be organized to be efficient. Often time it takes an organized and veteran teacher to show you the ways she/he organizes the room. What looks like chaos to some may just be creative organization.

It’s paying attention to the details. How do they take role? How do they switch from one topic to another and keep everyone in the class on task? How do they determine when it is time for a break and leave the lesson plans aside for awhile?

*Discipline Styles
Each student is different and a veteran teacher has several forms of discipline to choose from and seems to know which one will work in each situation. Of course this comes from experience. You can avoid some mistakes by asking questions and making observations about the styles and types of disciplines used. This is an essential tool in today’s teaching environment.

*Communication Tools
Teachers are required to communicate effectively with parents, students, administrators, and co-workers. There are so many levels that excellent communication skills are something that all teachers have to continually work on. For example, there are parents who prefer a text to be informed of homework. Are you up on all the technologies so your communications can be clear? I-pod casts are becoming a common teaching tool and way of communication. There is a way to reach everyone. You must be constantly engaged in learning about and improving communication skills.

Some new teachers have a hard time drawing the line between the student and the teacher. The relationship between a teacher and student should be respectful, kind, and professional. There are many factors that come into play in this category. Things like how you dress, speak, and handle personal situations are all things you can learn from your mentor. There will be some students you are more drawn to than others. You need to learn to put those things in the background and make sure every student in your class feels valued. It’s part of professionalism.

Teaching is a great career choice and very rewarding. Learn all you can and develop your own style.