Working through Test Anxiety

Clearly being well prepared for the test will reduce huge amounts of anxiety. Studying should be done well in advance and in small increments so that we are not cramming for the test the night before.

The day of the test we should engage in some physical activity such as going for a walk. The fresh air and the exercise will help reduce some of the apprehension and help clear our heads. One may feel that the walk is taking away valuable study time, but the more fretful we are the harder it is to think, and walking off some of the fear will aid in unscrambling our jumbled thoughts.

Eat properly. If we are eating only junk food we are hardly nourishing our brains. We need protein and vitamins to help feed our minds. It is important we avoid sugar and caffeine. Both of these substances can add to our jumpiness and make it harder for us to concentrate. It may seem at the time they are keeping us awake to study and think better but our bodies will crash when the levels of both suddenly fall in our blood stream.

We need a good nights sleep before the day of the test. Trying to concentrate on a couple of hours of sleep will not add to a feeling of comfort as we approach the test. We will feel calmer and more confident after a good nights sleep.
Before the test use a positive mantra. Repeat to yourself that you are relaxed, you will do well, and that you know your work

As we sit down to write the test or stand before our examiners in an oral test, take a deep breath and feel your body relax. We are well prepared, we are about to do the best we are able, and we know we will do well.

When the test is over, it is over. Trying to rehash one’s answers and guess at how well we did will just cause another form of anxiety. We worked hard, gave it our all and now it is the time to get on with the other facets of our lifeor get prepared the next test.