Working through Test Anxiety

The first thing in working through test
anxiety that must be conquered is your own
personal fears. Those who have these
feelings are imprisoned by those fears.
Despite their attempts to be brave, they
come to each testing situation with a great
amount of doubt about whether or not they will
be successful. This fear must be conquered.

A test is just a measurement of what you
know. If you have studied sufficiently, and
done your part, when you are doing the actual
test, much of your nervousness will be alleviated.
However, if you have procrastinated, or studied
very little for a test, do not expect great results.
I always say, “What you put in, is what you get out.”
So put in a lot- over study- if there is such a

Have others in your class ask you questions,
and you ask them questions. Ask them to clarify
anything you do not understand, and you be there
for them to do the same. Use cue cards and notes
to refresh your mind. Study until you can almost
see the material before your eyes. Use a tape
recorder to play back to you any materials which
need memorization. Study and review until you feel
you are overly prepared.

Because many professors do not always utilize
textbook materials as much as class notes, review
your class notes to perfection. After all, the
professor would not lecture on anything which is
not important to him/her. Also ask students who
have had that professor before you what kind of
test questions might he/she ask. Some teachers
give the same test year after year, while others
use the same text, but inject some new questions
from time to time.

By the time a test comes around, you should be
quite familiar with your teacher’s style. Some
like essay tests, some multiple choice, and some
like projects with reflections. A few use a
standardized test or a test that the teachers
at the school have collaborated on. Be aware of
these choices and try to ascertain which kind your
teacher or professor will administer.

Get a lot of sleep and rest before a test. Do
not pressure yourself right up to the test day.
Relax, get some good food, take a walk, or do
something totally unrelated to the test to bring
you down from your anxieties. Pray and ask God
to help you on your test after you have done your
part. When you have done all of these things, you
will feel confident, and if you enter the testing
situation in this frame of mind, you will find that
your greatest fears will not be able to defeat you.