Worst Things a Teacher can do

Teachers have a difficult job, especially in the current state of the economy. Education budgets in every state are being slashed; leaving teachers with larger class sizes and fewer resources to draw upon. More pressure, therefore, is placed on the teacher to maintain the student’s attention and interest. Failing to accomplish this will result in lower student grades, and increased student drop-out rates. In light of this, there are issues every teacher must avoid. The worst things a teacher can do include the following:

First would be losing the respect of your students. Kids are very smart and can pick away at a teacher’s weaknesses. Young teachers, in particular, can be intimidated by students. Students will test you by using their cell phones in class by constantly texting their friends, and disrupting the class by making offhanded remarks. Allowing these activities to go unchallenged will make your job frustratingly difficult. Losing respect of the students means losing control of the class.

Second would be making yourself unavailable to help those students who require extra tutoring, or challenge gifted students by providing challenging projects. Unfortunately, there are many teachers who make mad dashes for their automobiles as soon as the dismissal bell sounds. For some students, a few minutes of extra help might mean the difference between passing or failing the course.

Third is being unprepared to teach a class. Coming to class without a lesson plan to be implemented will send a clear message to your students that you aren’t a professional educator, and that you are simply going through the motions of teaching. This will result in having greater difficulty presenting the material to be learned, while conveying to the students the impression that the teacher doesn’t care about his or her students.

Finally, a teacher should never lecture at a level student can’t comprehend. Many teachers are gifted in their teaching specialties. This is particularly true of those who teach mathematics and composition. Some, however, have difficulty in conveying their knowledge in a manner that is clearly understood by the students. Some teachers even become frustrated when they can’t understand why some of their students have difficulty comprehending concepts they may view as simple and basic. They may dismiss these students as being dumb or lazy, when neither is the case.

In fact, the worst things a teacher can do all have one thing in common: they all result in the students being cheated of the education they require to succeed in life.