Worst Things a Teacher can do

Millions of students walk on to school campuses ready to learn, desiring to gain knowledge, caring about being challenged. No student walks on a school campus wanting to be bored, requesting a disgruntled or insensible teacher, and desiring to fail.

Schools are places to foster learning – life-long learning. Babies ask, “Why?” on a continuous basis, and don’t stop until . . . someone stops their creativity, halts their imagination, ends their desire to learn.

Students stop inquiring and stop wanting to learn once teachers do some of the worst things mentionable:

1. Not Facilitate Learning:

When teachers don’t create learners by facilitating learning, something terribly wrong is occurring in the classroom. Assisting students with learning, guiding students in gaining new knowledge, and facilitating the understanding of new concepts and skills are crucial building blocks.

Students need to master content at one level to move on to the next level. If teachers are not facilitating learning, they’re not preparing students for the next grade level.

Not facilitating learning inhibits the growth of knowledge and is one of the worst things a teacher can do.

2. Not Differentiate Instruction:

Teaching requires students to gain knowledge from the level of understanding they have mastered. Teaching requires students to be taught in various modes while using multiple teaching strategies and meeting various learning styles.

Teaching requires pre- and post-assessment, scaffolding of instruction, varying teaching according to the students’ level (reading levels, math levels. . .).

Differentiating is the understanding that no two children are alike, no two children learn identically, enriching environments are necessary for learning, and differentiating is creating different paths to learning.

If differentiation isn’t occurring, teaching and learning is not at its optimal levels and this is one of the worst things a teacher can do.

3. Not Honoring Individuality and Differences:

Teachers who do not honor individuality and differences are not respecting the group of students they are teaching. Just as no two students are alike in regards to their learning levels, students are also individuals who are uniquely different.

Students within classrooms come from various socio-economic backgrounds, have different cultural heritages, may speak a different primary language, and may have differing religious backgrounds.

The list is endless; so the need to honor differences and individuality is imperative to fostering a safe and respected learning environment. A teacher who does not do this is doing one of the worst things possible.

4. Stop Caring about Students:

Teachers, who do not care about students, do not care about teaching soundly and students learning well.

Caring about students demonstrates a person of high character who desires for students to excel and achieve greatness within their educational studies. A teacher who cares will ensure every student learns. A teacher who cares will ensure effective communication, will provide great lessons, will re-teache when necessary, and the many other outstanding things teachers do for students.

Teachers who do not care about students exude one of the worst emotional feelings that harm students.

5. Not Want to Teach and Continue to Teach:

Teachers, who are burnt out and no longer want to teach but continue teaching, are harming students. Indifference to student learning leads to student boredom, which leads to student failure.

Teachers who know they don’t want to teach, but continue in the profession are harming every single child who walks into their classroom. Students will leave every class session with no new knowledge and will know their teacher does not care.

Teachers, who continue to teach when they know they don’t want to, are committing an injustice to students; and this is one of the worst things teachers can do.

6. Not Teach:

When teachers stop teaching, students stop learning. When teachers sit behind their desk, read the newspaper, search the Internet, and chat online, they’re not teaching. When teachers give busy work because they haven’t planned a lesson, they aren’t teaching.

The easiest method to get students to not learn is to not teach. This is the worst thing a teacher can do.

These six harmful actions are the worst things a teacher can do.