Worst Things a Teacher can do

Worst things a teacher can do

The very worst thing a teacher can do is to lose the respect of their students. Teachers can lose respect in a variety of ways. Children look up to teachers much the same way they look to parents for guidance and morality. Students model their teachers and their parents, therefore it is important that teachers above all maintain a professional manner. When teachers do certain inappropriate things, students begin to lose respect for their teachers, which can have an adverse affect on their studies, and may have an adverse affect on the entire student population.

Worst case scenarios here are based on the observations of a six year old, the current news media, and the knowledge of appropriate teaching practices. All children have the ability to discern inappropriate teaching. Any teacher who thinks they are not being critically observed by students, should rethink that idea – any teacher who behaves inappropriatedy in front of students is making big fool of themselves, and if it so bad that it gets into the courts and newspapers they could be making a worldwide fool of themselves.

The worst things a teacher can do:

1) The worst thing a teacher can do in the classroom is to become romantically involved with a student. Variations of this are flirting with a student, accepting the flirtations of a student, sexually molesting a student, or kidnapping a student. These would all be “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” You must remember at all times that you are the adult and the children no matter how cute or mature they seem, are still children.

2) Selling drugs to students, buying drugs from students, trafficking in drugs on school grounds, using drugs on school grounds, turning your eyes away when noticing drug behavior of students. These are also “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

3) Scapegoating a child continually in front of his peers. This means singling one child out to pick on. And then doing it in front of all the other children so as to teach all the children how to pick on this one little person.

4) Picking your nose while you are sitting at your desk lecturing students and then flicking the stuff you got out of your nose off your fingers to the floor.

5) Psychologically and verbally abusing a small child or any student.

6) Yelling at children.

7) Accusing children for things they did not do.

8) Maintaining control of a classroom by cursing and using bad language.

9) Not recognizing children who are talented and smart.

10) Having a teacher’s pet. All children should be treated equally and fairly. Teachers should not show favoritism.

11) Not giving special attention to children who need extra help.

12) Using prejudice and discrimination in the classroom.

13) Wearing inappropriate clothes for teaching.

14) When noticing a failing student, trying really hard to do everything in your power to make him quit school.

15) Trying to sway the political ideology of students by lecturing on only one specific political viewpoint. Students should be taught political views but not be subjected to the viewpoints of the teacher. In other words the teacher should not try to sway children to become the political party of the teacher. Students need to learn to think for themselves. Lively discussion regarding opposing viewpoints is okay.

Some of these worst case scenarios may seem a little unreal but they are things teachers have done that cause them to be disrespected by students. A very young child at about the age of six knows right from wrong and what is appropriate behavior. The teacher might not think he is being noticed as behaving inappropriately but children are smart and do notice.