Worst Things a Teacher can do

“My son is developing an eating disorder” I told his fifth grade teacher. He was being tortured at school. Other students were relentlessly doing everything they could to break his spirit. He was told he was everything from gay to retarded, and it all started when he sang a song in the school talent show. I had reported the verbal and physical abuse no less than 15 times throughout the year to no avail.
I am a pretty outspoken person. I cut to the chase most of the time and I don’t think my children are perfect. My first meeting with my sons teacher that year was due to an incident where a child had spit on my son and he countered by calling the kid an “a*hole”. I was not particularly disturbed by his response, being glad in fact, that he had not resorted to violence. I will never say my boy has not heard that word come out of my mouth, and I do believe he was correct in his deduction of the other child’s behavior.
Needless to say, the teacher was not pleased with my support of such foul language. (As if the ethereal one had never spoken a single curse word in her perfect life). From that point on, my son was fed to the wolves in that classroom. He would come home bruised, crying and depressed. He started making lists of things he needed to change about himself to make friends, the first on the list…lose weight. The problem with that is, he is not overweight. He started skipping meals. He was hiding his food. He literally started to starve himself.
That fifth grade teacher may be responsible for a lifetime of turmoil for my son. She made an assumption about me based on one meeting in which we did not agree, and my son is still paying for her judgment.
The worst thing a teacher can do? Judge a child.
I have since withdrawn my son from the public school system. I am diligently trying to help him heal from the emotional wounds left behind from an entire year of physical, verbal, and mental cruelty. I do not blame the other children. They learn what they see and they push to see how far they can take things. They were not corrected for their bad behavior, of course they kept it up. I blame that teacher. She was in charge. She was the adult he should have been able to go to for protection. She allowed my son to emotionally drown in that classroom. She did the worst thing a teacher could do.