Worst Things a Teacher can do

A teacher occupies a very important position in society. To students, teachers are reservoirs of knowledge. The society regards them as role models and molders of character. To a large extent, the destiny of a society resides in the caliber and strength of character of the teachers within that society. For a group of people so well respected and trusted, there are things they must never do: things that will go abrasively against the grain of the calling of the noble profession. The worst of such things include:

1 To have an affair with your student. That would be like a shepherd becoming a wolf.
2 To rape or attempt to rape your student. That would be wickedness of the highest order; and reducing yourself from the status of a respected teacher to the level of a common criminal
3 To show partiality or favoritism especially in awarding marks. That will be destroying your credibility as a teacher.
4 To receive gratification and reveal exam questions to students. You destroy the whole idea of academic excellence.
5 To borrow money from your students. You lose respect with them by making yourself a poor wretched beggar.
6 To tell lies against your students. It is like God telling lies against humanity. When that happens, He ceases to be God.
7 To lose your temper or composure in front of your class. Students look at you as super human. The worst thing you can do is to so cheaply expose your weakness before them.
8 To engage in physical fight with your students. What if you are thoroughly beaten up by the student; can you live with the shame and embarrassment?
9 To come to class unprepared. Simple questions from the students will throw you off balance and expose your ignorance.
10 To teach falsehood. Better not to teach at all than to teach the wrong things.

Being a successful teacher is not easy. Many of the things mentioned above have been the causes of the downfall of many teachers. But the teaching profession is very rewarding. Some teachers have had the joy of seeing their students become prime ministers, governors, senators and presidents. There is this satisfaction in knowing that you helped shape the destiny of a great man or woman out there. If you have been called as a teacher, take heed to avoid the pitfalls above described as the worst things a teacher can do.