Yes Bullying should be a Criminal Offence – Yes

All acts of violence, intimidation and extortion are illegal. These are all general bullying behaviors and should be punishable by law, regardless of age. Juveniles who bully need punishments handed down in juvenile courts. The victims of bullying will fare well if their antagonist’s punishment causes discomfort. There are several arguments to support implementing laws and appropriate consequences for breaking them.

Children and young adults who are the victims of bullying are more likely to develop anxiety disorders as adults. Research shows the effects of bullying lingers a decade or more later. Women who were victims are more likely to be agoraphobic than those who were not.

The bullies also show adverse effects from their actions. Bullies are more likely to have antisocial disorders along with panic disorder. The long-term effects of bullying shadow the problems suffered by children in dysfunctional families.

Unfortunately, bullying leads to violent incidents that change the community in which they occur. Two boys, who claimed persistent bullying, carried out the Columbine shootings. The two make pipe bombs and other explosives, which they placed inside the school the previous night. They had handguns and automatic rifles, plus hundreds of rounds of ammunition when they entered the school’s library and began shooting. Thirteen students and faculty died that day.

When the victims are female, the solution comes, too often, as suicide. The young girls who recently killed themselves because of pictures posted on media sites indicate the bullying is not limited to girl bullying girl. In separate incidents, young men raped them, as they lay passed out from alcohol consumption. Both acts were video recorded and posted on a social media site. The classmates who watched called the girls ‘sluts’, and worse. Not only is this an abomination and a sad report on the moral character of teenage boys, it is brutality and bullying in a most heinous way. The other girls calling the victims names and harassing them on the social site is the most disgusting kind of bullying imaginable.

These examples are just a few. Many children and young adults have acted on their victimization through drug abuse, sexual assaults and murder. The evidence clearly shows a problem with the youth in most communities as acts of bullying and retaliations grow. One case that made headlines had the mother of a teenage girl pretending to be a teenage boy while chatting with a 13-year-old female named Megan Meier. During an extended period, the pretend man made the girl think he wanted to be her boyfriend. Once the girl admitted her interest, the mother began a barrage of social site harassment that drove the girl to hang herself in her bedroom.

All schools, from primary grades thru secondary institutions need to teach children the dangers of bullying. The victims and perpetrators suffer long into adulthood which clearly indicates this so-called right of passage has to end. Schools have no tolerance rules in place but are not taking the necessary actions when the rules are broken. Prosecuting offenders, even the youngest, defines the term: No tolerance. Children are dying as a direct result of bullying and it has to stop.