Children with Special needs are Teachers getting too Involved

If the teacher does not get involved with special needs children then who will? So many times children who are in “special education” get left out of activities. Or they end up slipping through societies cracks. Because the regular education teacher has twenty-three other children to attend to. Sometimes the special education teacher is the only voice the special needs children have to communicate for them.

More and more children with special needs are starting to be main-streamed in the regular classroom which means the special education teacher will have to get involved to make sure the child is flourishing in that classroom. It is up to the school to get the child occupational, speech and/or physical therapy. The teacher has to get involved to make sure the child is receiving these services and is recieving the same oppurtunity as the “regular” education children. Not only do special education teachers make sure everything is running smoothly at school they chech to see that everything is going great at home. A good teacher will get involved rather it be regular education or special education and not worry if they are “too” involved. We should have only one thing on our agenda and that is that the child is blooming were they are planted.
How can there be too much involvement with children with special education? There can not be……..