Disablities College Accomodations

Beginning college can be overwhelming at first. You will have an all new schedule to

follow as well as learning where all of your classes are located. A college center for

students with disabilities can make this transition easier right from the start.

Disabilites can cause a lot of anxiety and frustration and the resource center is

right there to help you with all of your college studies. This office is designed

for those who have disabilities can be a very valuable asset to any college student

who has difficulties, whether it is reading, test taking and anxiety or just need support

to get through the day.  

College can be very overwhelming to anyone and it is very  possible to feel

overwhelmed by the college experience, especially freshman year. Using the

college resource center will help reduce the stress you may feel when you first 

become introduced to college. 

Some of the helpful services a student can take advantage of are:

1)  The ability and convenience to take college tests in a quiet room separate

from all of the other students so as to aid in concentration.  Also, some centers

will give you the option of having a test read to you. Test anxiety is very common

when it comes to those with disabilities and therefore, this service is offered to

avoid some of the emotions and anxiety that go along with test anxiety.

2)  Emotional support and a place to come and vent or just talk with people who

are familiar with your disability. They offer open ears when you arrive and you are

stressed out or frustrated and just need someone to talk to.

3)  This same office offers the service to students with disabilities the option of having

each of their textbooks recorded onto cassette tape.  This makes it easier to review the tape

after class and limits anxiety of trying to catch everything said in class in your notebook. 

It can be extremely overwhelming to try and digest all that is said during a college class.

4)  Personal one-on-one tutoring is available for students with disabilities.  Students serve

in this role and adult who is the host of the office is there to offer understanding or tutoring

as needed.  Again the staff here is very accomodating and understands the challenges that

go along with having a disability and the effect a large campus and college can have on the disability.

5)  For each disabled student the Office for Students with Disabilities offers the service of keeping your

books until you need them so you don’t have to carry them across campuse until you need them.

It is important to utilize these offerings if you are disabled and in college.  It doesn’t take much to become

frustrated and want to give up when the pressure and stress are there.

It is my hope that this knowledge will serve as encouragement to those of you, college

students, who deal with disabilities and need some assistance in your educational journey.